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[Nessie isn't surprised that there wasn't a lot of turnout for this "Be a Big Sibling" sign up event. Although everyone in Gotham City knows that crime affects the children of the city, there aren't a lot of people willing to help fix that.]

[Of course, the stringent background check required for it might also scare some people off.]

[She hands off a copy of the brochure and says,] "I hope you'll consider being a Big Sibling for one of our foster kids in need! They could use more good influences in their lives."

[The woman smiles at her, and moves on to Nessie's boss for the presentation.]

[Nessie hears another person step up to her table. She holds up another brochure, and says again,] "I hope you'll consider being a Big Sibling for one of our needy foster kids!"

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[Dick smiles back at Nessie, and humors her by taking the brochure.] Well, I do have some experience with that sort of thing...

And I've heard good things about this program... it's Ms. Kapatelis, right? [He waits before introducing himself to see if she'll recognize him.]

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[The walk to the coffee shop is fairly short and uneventful, Dick quickly ordering his usual - a coffee with sugar, whipped cream and cinnamon - when they get in. In short order, they're at a table in the back, Dick sipping his drink idly as he looks Nessie over.]

So how did you get started doing all this, if I can ask?

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[Dick tries not to react to the flashing cameras trained on him as they walk out, holding the book and being sure to warmly thank Nessie for the information. Hopefully that will keep the rumor mill down at least somewhat.

It takes a little while, but eventually, they manage to lose the cameras, ending up on a quiet - of course - rooftop lounge not too far away.]

Okay, so. I guess you know about the... [He mimes little bat ears.] SO the question is... what do you know about Jason Todd?


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